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MBIC MasterMind Meeting Synopsis

The Mississippi e-Business Innovation Center staff hosts monthly meetings called “MBIC MasterMind” for the MBIC clients and we invite special guest speakers and public figures to attend.

Meetings include invitees such as entrepreneurs, public officials, and VIP’S who communicate to MBIC clients about their experiences and expertise in the professional as well as the business sector. Some of our guest have included Judge Reuben Anderson, Dr. Mary White , Ron Aldridge, John Brandon, Jessie Buie, Russ Frasier, John Horne, David Blount, Johnathon Hatcher, and Michael Thomas just to name a few.

MasterMind meetings are especially important to MBIC clients in the aspect of networking with other clients and receiving vital information from the MBIC Staff, e-Center Executive Director, Dr. William McHenry and invited guest speakers.