The purpose of the Mississippi e-Center Foundation is to support innovations and entrepreneurship in information technology lead economic development in Mississippi.
The Foundation focuses on its support in four areas:

  • Business Innovations
  • Education Innovations
  • Research Innovations
  • Networking Innovations

Researchers, mentors, administrators and leaders in information technology companies are all part of a community of people who bring to life the ideas of the Mississippi e-Center Foundation’s mission.
The Mississippi e-Center Foundation supports its mission through its Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Today, the revelations in science, evidenced-based knowledge, yield new widened horizons of human existence.

The Mississippi e-Center Foundation’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is located in close proximity to Jackson State University, downtown Jackson and Jackson’s Meger Evers International Airport.

For general information on leasing office and research space at the MS e–Center @ JSU, please contact:

Camiel Brown
Business Manager
1230 Raymond Road, Box 200
Jackson, MS 39204
Phone: 601.979.5021
Fax: 601.979.5024